About Us

Blacks Economic-Security Today™, Trust Fund, is the Premier Blacks Socio-Economic, Civics Education & Business League, availing parity equal access (aPea™) security for Blacks’ Live, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness, inalienable Providential Rights assuring Blacks' civil liberties fruition.

BEST as commonly referred to, is today’s non-partisan, non-political Blacks' Live Exposé™, Platform publication; telling "One Day in America’s Story" of yesterday and tomorrow from today’s perspective, Unvarnished, as it is, was and might be in the near future.

We partner with public-private sectors to bring to fruition the dreams of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Dr. Condoleezza Rice and of Fannie Lou Hamer, of "Being Sick and Tired, of Being Sick and Tired," in the Creation of a more Perfect Union.

Join now and or become a Partner, in our cause for equal justice and access secured as inalienable rights.

Where do you Stand, or Sit?