Economic Trade Commerce Backed Funding

Where there is a legitimate Economic - Trade - Commerce - Backed and or Funding demand of a Party of Interest (POI²) Foreign Principal, BEST Trust Fund, is prepared to advise, consult, advocate, arrange, facilitate or provide PPV (Private Placement Vehicles).




U.S. ETC¹-First™ Funding

(Pre-requisites and Requirements)


What does it take to obtain ¹Economic-Trade-Commerce Funding? Ask yourself:

Q: Am I a public or private entity within service area? 
A: If yes, you meet the First Pre-requisite. 


What exactly am I seeking Funding for?

  If Export, Economic-Trade-Commerce, Project, Infrastructure or Development, you meet the Second ETC-Backed or Development-Backed Pre-requisite.


Foreign Government Funding

BEST Trust Fund, may represent a Foreign Government to obtain U.S. Government appropriations, grants, subsidies, and or credit extension facilities under U.S. Law as a FARA Representative.
What exactly may Funding Cover? You name it, just about any U.S. Solution not prohibited as against U.S. National Security.  Funding is determined on a case by case bases.

 Development-Backed Advisory™

BEST Trust Fund, in partnership with Independent Services Providers (ISPs), may engage in advisory, consulting and advocacy for any Foreign Principal not on U.S. Government OFAC “Do Not Do Business” or SDN, as it were, lists. As part of our due diligence, we shall advise whether or not, a Sovereign Government or foreign national is unlisted.

All BEST Trust Fund and its Independent Services Providers advisory, consultancy and or advocacy, are as “Fee for Services”, and are determined on “risk mitigation” of each Sovereign Nation State. 

Development-Backed Advisory may be engaged for non-Sovereign Developments Backed by Sovereign Collateral (as warranted) as well, on a case-by-case basis.

What emerging markets need today is not aid, but private financing, so that they become charitable for their own people.”